Solicitors Marketing Manual

"A smart person is someone that would rather pay for useful information than spend their life searching for free "stuff".
                                                              Joe Reevy,

Dear Solicitor,

I'm a great believer in the saying that your life will only get better when YOU get better.

If you want to get a better law firm you must read on about the 71 questions I have put together for you...

Some law firms have paid me £2500 PER DAY consulting fees to teach them how to become marketing experts. And that's cheap for what they have learnt.

But since not everyone wants to make a giant leap forward - I have decided to give my consulting questions to every solicitor for a modest price...because I believe every law firm today MUST DO BETTER MARKETING TO SURVIVE AND TO THRIVE.

Videos, Examples & Checklists

The interactive manual with a self-analysis question and answer structure, with videos and reports. is a summary of what I've discovered lurks behind the problems that hold back hundreds of law firms.

It's got information and strategies that many people would charge a fortune to tell you about.

The strategies are simple to implement and you don't have to invest any money to make it a success.

I've deliberateyl just asked you the fundamental questions you must answer. Once youy have answered them, all you have to do is spend at least 10 minutes a day, taking action.

Improves Your Today And Tomorrow

This manual will help you get almost everything out of what you have already got... and give you a springboard to your new thinking...if it doesn't and you've genuinely acted on the'll get a 100% refund and a thank you from me for taking the time to try it out...

It's not fluff or flash. (And it's not designed like some coffee table marketing book).

It's practical and most ideas are easy to implement for a complete beginner.

The price?

Just £47.  

Use the manual every day for a full 3 months.

If it doesn't help you send me an email saying it's no good and I'll refund you

Use the safe and secure PayPal Yellow button below to get the manual today.

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You'll be emailed the manual soon after payment is received.

PS If you prefer there's a £1 trial for a month. Then two payments of £30 (so £62 in total).
Still 100% guaranteed. It's just called a subscription.


Even if you don't invest in the manual...(and what better property to
invest in than yourself?) please accept with my compliments my
Don't Break The Chain will help you market EVERY DAY
without fail. Combine this with the manual and you will see spectacular

And if you don't - you get your money back.

Remember Walt Disney said, "The best way to get going to is to quit talking and take action!"

Too good to be true? Sometimes things  are just true. Get it here

Some of the topics covered in the manual are;
  • How to create referral generating systems
  • How to create a powerful USP
  • How To Ensure You Keep Your Clients Loyal
  • How To Measure Your Marketing And Find Where New Clients Come From
  • Simple Methods To Get Tons of Referrals.
  • How To Get Dozens of Valuable Testimonials And What To Do With Them
  • How To Boost Your Marketing Funds By Increasing Prices
  • How To Double Your Conversion of Prospects To Clients Through Automated Follow-Up Marketing.
  • How To Use Guarantees to De-Risk cCient Purchases
  • How To Get PR For Free
  • How To Write Articles That Sell
  • Discover What  A Back End Is And How It Can Transform Your Business
  • How To Think About And Create an Upsell And a Downsell For Clients
  • How To Prepare For Presentations, Public Speaking and Seminar Events
                                Plus A Lot More...
And all with that 100% guarantee

If you prefer me to send you an invoice before you pay - no problem, simply email me 
and I will do that.

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