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 20 Tips That Law Firms Taught Me 
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 Newsletter Archive 
 Newsletters is a bit of an understatement. They are more akin to a chilled muscadet, a barbecued seabass and a blackberry and apple crumble with cream...
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 High Cost Legal Partners - Low Value Work? 
 This page illustrates ways for the Law Firm to ensure that Partners are doing high value work, how they delegate low value work to juniors, coaching them to get better and creating efficiencies within the Legal Practice.
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 Video for Lawyers 
 It's easy to use video when you are marketing your law firm or legal practice. Video is incredibly powerful - more people watch TV than read books. 6 billion videos are watched on You Tube every month.
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 Lawyer Videos | Articles | Websites 
 This page is a resource for Lawyers and Solicitors to swipe and deploy to boost their own marketing and selling. There are links to example legal firm websites, newspaper articles and videos that lawyers should view.
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 Solicitor Marketing Resources That You Can Use To Become Great at Marketing 
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 Business Plans For Solicitors 
 A three month legal marketing plan is something that you can act on without it becoming just another written document that sits in a drawer. So if you want to have a look at this send me an email.
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 Lawyer Staff | 100 Improvements 
 How Your Staff Can Make 100 Improvements In 27 Days
There is a Japanese saying that if you don’t see someone for 3 days you should look for the differences when you first see him again.
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 New Marketing Ideas For Solicitors 
 "We Need Some New Ideas - Who's Good At Ideas?"
In hindsight every great idea seems obvious.
Everything new is based on what has gone before.
The Big Bertha golf driver was invented
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 Time Management For Solicitors 
 Time is one of the obstacles that stops you from creating the practice you want. "Time is money".
You hear it all the......time. Maybe you even say it. Perhaps you bill by it.
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 Marketing For Law Firms - How To Learn It 
 Big Television and Small Library – That’s Not You Is It?
The only difference between you today and you in six months are the people you meet and the things you read.” read more....
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