20 Tips That Law Firms Taught Me

Here are 20 tips that I’ve picked up over the last few months, courtesy of feedback from solicitors like you.

1.     Develop a positive attitude. 90% of your success is dependent on your attitude. You probably haven’t been on a course or trained yourself to have a positive attitude. Which is kind of crazy when you think about it. Study positive attitude literature every day for a few minutes at least. Earl Nightingale, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie etc. You’ll find your own likes and dislikes. And sometimes you need the journey to be meandering rather than a direct shuttle flight.

2.     Find a mentor, hire a coach or build a mastermind group. You want to make sure that you are getting more than one perspective on things. And a quality mastermind group means that you can have as many brains as people that are involved.

3.     Swipe and Deploy systems that successful people use.
Identify solicitors or others whose business development methods you respect, are successful and profitable. For example if you want tips on how to sell seek out advice. Swipe and deploy what they do. (Whilst improving on their strategies.)

4.     It’s not all about work. Your most important asset is you. Regularly review your physical, mental, social
and spiritual well being. A healthy, fit and happy solicitor is a good one.

5.     Draw up personal plan. Focus on your goal, (even if it is just one) and then develop a formal plan to get there. Writing will give you a real chance of making it happen. Please DO NOT DRIFT. (unless you enjoy not knowing where you'll end up.)

6.     Potential clients need to see
you as an expert
. You may know you are good but  make sure others know as well. Be visible. Make reputation-building activity part of your day. Give speeches and publish articles on timely issues in your area of expertise. If you get nervous, practise your speeches and go on a good public-speaking course. You can do this in a video on your website too.

7.     Create a memorable personal intro. Whether you are networking, bumping in to someone, or at a party, you need to know how to summarise what you do. My advert is “I help businesses find, get, keep and grow customers.”

8.     Don't rely solely on the marketing department. They probably won't be there in 2 years.

9.     Think long-term. Getting a client on board could take six minutes or six years. Make sure you automate this process as much as you can so you don't forget them just when they are ready to buy.  You’ll have a steady stream of clients coming on board.

10. You never fail. Say instead, “It didn’t work.” That way you are not making it personal and you can study why it didn’t work. Everything that didn’t work gets you closer to what does.

11. Position yourself as an expert. Companies that call you after reading about you in the media are pre-sold. Take local editors to lunch. Invite them to your office. And find out how they select stories and who covers the area you're interested in. Become a
valuable resource by providing quotable quotes.

12. Treat everyone with respect. And be honest. That way you never have to remember a lie. And people will always remember you. There’s so little respect around you’ll stand out like a beacon.

13. Make marketing everyone's job. Make sure everyone has a personal advertisement of how they can help your prospects. My personal ad is “I help companies find, get, keep and grow clients.”  Twitter ideas and tips to staff internally. Make sure everyone is coached in how to market your firm. You win together, you lose together.

14. Focus on your existing clients. Ensure you have upsells, downsells, testimonials and referral strategies.

15. Prioritise profitable clients and the acquisition of more like them.

16. Meet before you propose,(not talking about marriage here). If you don’t you are usually guessing. And if you do you’ll show you mean business and get a much better proposal in front of the buyer. If in doubt, discuss the work, ask your buyer to take notes and then sign the bottom of the notes as your proposal.

17. Two ears one mouth. Ask the right questions and listen to the answers. No, I mean truly listen. As though you were going to be tested and your son or daughter’s future depended on your listening skills, (because it does).

18. Make sure you deal with the decision maker. It will save you one helluva amount of wasted time. Decision makers can always find a reason to say yes.

19Make sure you tell them everything you do. Too often you take it for granted that what you do is just what everyone else does anyway. Not true. Make a list of all the things that are part of your service. And lay it out so it looks like the “lots” it is.

20. Find out why you won or lost. Make sure you record it. And look at it every time you make a pitch or a call. If you don’t learn from your experience across the firm what’s the point in paying for experience?

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