Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing Secrets For Lawyers

So you have an email address of someone that is interested in what you
are selling and they might buy it at some point in the future.

Rather than trying to sell them once and fail because they are not ready to buy why not automate your follow-up marketing?

This is the single biggest thing that will help you get more clients.

I have set up an automated marketing sequence to show you how it works - pop your email into the box and you will be marketed to for a few weeks automatically.

- once you sign up the emails just keep coming until you either unsubscribe or the series runs out.

Probably the easiest way to capitalise on your website is to ensure you are grabbing prospects contact details and automating your marketing to them.

And this can work for all your email don't ignore this golden opportunity!

Most people just get excited about "traffic or visitor numbers".

What you want though are prospects that convert to clients.

Typically I write marketing automated sequences for between £500 and £3000, depending on the length and detail required. It's usually worth it because one client a year can return this investment.

So whether you ask someone like me to do it or get it done yourself this is marketing well worthy of your time and effort.

Especially when you consider the value of just a handful of extra clients that are almost guaranteed to come your way over the next 12 months using this automated marketing.

Call me on 0795 1284875 and tell me what subject you want to send newsletters about.

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