Automatic Newsletters For Lawyers

Do you send out email newsletters?

Because if you are not... you are probably missing out.

The 7 reasons why you should send out an email newsletter.


1 People buy when they want to buy, not when you want to sell. Being in front of them when they are ready is an easy way to make sales.


2 Email is communication. When you communicate it usually means a two way conversation. When you email someone, they have the chance to listen and ask a clicking or calling from a link in the newsletter. You answer the question, you ask, they answer, and so on...until you solve a problem they have and get paid for it.


3 You can let your “list” know what else you do that might help them. Refer to other departments and services and give case studies.


4 You can measure the success of email newsletters through the amount of work you get directly from them. Use a call and email tracking provider like to do this.


5 You can get people and other companies like accountants to forward on your email newsletter so others do your marketing for you.


6 You can easily get newsletter content and newsletter sending software (get it all in from and you can set up an email newsletter by this time tomorrow)


7 It’s relatively inexpensive and the returns can be excellent. A return of 40:1 is average.


So it’s easy, quick, cheap, effective and the fact you’re reading this means it’s proven to work. Which is why you are probably doing one. But if you're not, why not?

If you want an automatically sent newsletter then let me know as I set them up.


P.S. The 8th reason to do a newsletter is to stop someone stealing your clients


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