Why Boyd Butler?

My offer to help you is based on these three things.

1   You want to improve your legal practice, (and yourself)
2   You are prepared to make the effort to do it
3   You don't want to pay for time - you want to pay for results

One of the things you’ll want to know is that I have studied and read more than
100,000 pages from sales and marketing books, visited thousands of websites
and watched hundreds of videos from the best experts.

I’ve sifted, refined, simplified, updated and specialised this knowledge into
actionable plans. And added my own 30 years of business experience to it.
Experience gained from working with people such as Dame Anita Roddick
and Sir John Madejski.

It may be common sense but then again it's not always obvious.

And it's not common to see it practised and applied.  

I’ve seen inside solicitors and hundreds of other companies.

I have researched the answers to why law firms under perform.
Why there are few real marketing skills. Why sales is a sometimes a dirty word.  

And those firms that know they should be marketing and
selling but don’t know why they aren’t.  You can have the answer to this too.

Most people will define the symptom as what is holding them back.
They haven’t gone deep enough. If that’s you, then it’s going to take you further off course.

Are you passionate about your work?  Are you looking for breakthrough information and
learning which will lead to action?  Do you want to participate not spectate?

When something happens that is positive you should get excited. It makes you want to interact even
more with the people who are having the success. It makes me want to help the action
get bigger, better and faster.

You can change your strategy.

You can change your marketing.

You can change your sense of innovation.

And you can change the way you manage yourself.

You can go from nowhere to being aware.

From being aware to knowing.

From knowing to doing.

From doing to improving.

From improving to teaching.

From teaching to leading.


My reputation depends on your personal success.

The greater your success, the happier I am.

And the happier you are.


So if you want to;

Join the The Indiana Jones School Of Sales And Marketing.

If you want to implement sales and marketing systems that cuts right through the BS.  

If you want to become a leader not a follower.

If you want to invest a fraction of the money you spend on your
lowest performing, lowest paid employee that sucks your energy
on a someone that will coach you to great heights instead.........

Pick up the phone today and call me. You'll never know what you
are missing unless you do.

Call or text on 0795 1284875


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