Marketing For Law Firms - How To Learn It

Big Television and Small Library – That’s Not You Is It?

The only difference between you today and you in six months are the people you meet and the things you read.
By the time our children leave school most of the things they have studied will be out of date.

If you want to stay ahead you must study, not just in your niche, but outside it too.

And it's not just Law books or journals you should read. You're probably fed up with reading about law all the time.

1 What is studying for?

Studying will keep you ahead of the game.

The world is changing so rapidly that much of your existing knowledge will be outdated by this time next year – unless you do something about it.

Studying enables you to model your business and activities on the top performers in the world. Studying keeps you fresh.

2 Why do you need to do it?

It’s a fact that 93% of people do not systematically continue to study once they leave university. Therefore if you do, you’ll be in the top percentage.

You will have a constant source of new ideas. You will become a fountain of knowledge. This makes you a respected source of advice and valuable information.

People will gravitate towards you and ask you questions.

Questions = Answers = Solutions = Sales.

3 How do you find the time?

Let me ask you. How much time do you devote to television compared to study every week? Does watching TV make you money? Take one hour a day over a year to study and by the end of 12 months you’ll be an expert.

Time management is vital. Make sure you are ruthless with timewasters. Don’t forget you can get recorded books on CD’s that makes driving time in your car a university too.

4 How you must record your new knowledge

When you are reading highlight things which are important ideas you want to come back to. Put these ideas into a notebook with comments about how it can be adapted to your business life.

5 Good resources

What you want are respected, quality sources. 

Build up your own library of classic books. It’s easy to do and buying second hand books via Amazon is inexpensive. (Why buy new!)

Ask people that you respect if they have read any good books lately. You’ll find that those who do read will be able to recommend something to you. Those that don’t might want to know about your favourite books.

When someone says that you are a “genius” because of all the books you read, then you’ll understand the power of reading. After all, no-one is going to say you are a “genius” because of all the TV you watch!

Start with The Hundred Best Business Books of All Time - a great compendium that will give you a taste of books you might want to study more deeply.

Model your actions and thoughts on the best in business.

Your trade journals and websites can be useful but choose remember to choose the best.

Create your own Master Mind group. Share questions and answers with them.

Study Robert Cialdini’s Influence book which will help in with your persuasive skills.

Observe how children get what they want from persistence and being liked!

Inspiration is everywhere. Open your eyes and ears.

6 Become an author

When you are reading books by experts you will see areas where you can apply their ideas. Write down these applications.

Pretty soon you will be an expert with your own expert book note book. And people want to do business with experts. Especially if you publish it - it only costs a couple of pounds to publish a book - check out!

7 Everything counts in large amounts

Take one idea each week to improve what you do. It may only be small, but cumulatively it will improve things exponentially. Put the ideas up on a board as your Brainstorm of the Week. Email it around to colleagues. Pretty soon everyone will miss it if you don’t do it.

8 Commit to personal development

Read these books, just 15 minutes each day, and you'll be on your way to developing a positive attitude for life.

How To Win Friends And Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

The Secret - Earl Nightingale

And finally, have a definite, measurable goal that you work towards everyday.

Have you got a "best book" that other lawyers would benefit from reading?
Let me know so I can share it with your colleagues

Or have you been to a seminar on legal marketing?

Likewise, if you have an idea about legal marketing services then let me know so I can share it. Thanks.

PS have you checked out my legal marketing resources page?

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