Solicitor Marketing Resources That You Can Use To Become Great at Marketing

 Here are some hints and tips that you will find useful. I have already used these with clients in the legal field and other industries.

Flip Video recorder
- or Kodak z18 (it's better because of the external microphone) are perfect for filming law firm testimonials with clients on a spur of a moment or for doing your own video presentations and uploading them - no fiddly wires, just a USB that comes out of the camera and plugs straight in to your laptop. Easy peasy and worth the £70-£80. High Definition is also available.

Want to upload your videos to lots of sites then Tube Mogul is the first online video analytics and distribution company serving publishers large and small who need independent information about video performance on the Internet and automated upload to the Web's top video sharing sites.

Stuck on finding right word? Visuwords  is an online graphical dictionary — Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate. Very useful for writing letters, adverts, emails and better than a thesaurus.

Do you want to do some research on someone? Pipl - If you want to search the deep web, to prepare for a meeting with a prospect then this is a good resource because it can get you information that other search engines might miss.

If you still have a website that is controlled by your IT manager then take it away from him right now - he is not a marketing genius.

If you have great copy on your website don't let others steal it!
Copyscape - When you have that great site up and it's giving you great leads because of all the great links and content you have you need to defend your site from plagiarism with a warning banner to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content. That's what Copyscape will help you to do.

Find new clients when they want your help. Google Adwords - you can buy leads by advertising on Google - you may have heard of Google adwords already or you may be using them. You should also try Yahoo and MSN because many people use these search engines too.

A great Civil Partnerships Solicitor In Bournemouth

If you are a user, then you might really want to know if your Adwords are getting you the business rather than just the click. With some lawyers paying £30 per click for personal injury or industrial disease keywords then it makes sense to know if the £30 click is also leading to a call. This is feature of the affiliate tracker system.

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