Lawyer Registration Scheme

A Lawyer Client Registration Scheme That Means You Can Generate Super Profits Whatever The Economy Is Doing.

The more you know about your clients the more you can sell to them.
Does that sound blunt? Sorry, that's what game you are in. Selling.

Because with right information you can find out the problems they have or are going to have and provide the legal solutions. And that’s what people pay you for.

Asking relevant questions and providing valuable information about possible solutions is the best way to sell. It means you are not waiting for clients to come to you only when they have a problem.

The process of selling begins by asking the right questions.

And that can be systematic if you have a  Lawyer Client Registration Scheme.

And it doesn’t have to be a lawyer that asks the questions.

If you know what your clients need then you have to make them want your solution.
Even if your practice doesn’t provide the solutions, there could be a way to earn by referring work to partners such as accountants, banks and estate agents (and receiving commissions).

A Lawyer Client Registration Scheme is a way of turning a list of clients into a database.

If you want the information that is going to be of long term value – you have to give something of value. Reciprocation is important to get trust and trust means you get the information you need.

The benefits you give registered clients don’t have to cost much. They just need to be valuable to a your legal client. Many of them are things you do anyway – perhaps you just need to emphasise them and bundle them together.

One way of introducing the scheme is to provide your clients a membership card that they carry in case of emergencies – on the card there can be important information such as blood group, organ donor, emergency home contact number and the following;

In Case Of Serious Accident
Please Also Contact My Lawyer
Telephone 0844 502 1631

When you want to start The Client Registration Scheme use a pre-launch period of a couple of months to get your clients tell you what they want.

They may not come up with much so offer a menu of things to select from as well as letting them come up with their own preferences. This will tell you the popularity of your offering and other opportunities.

This pre-launch whets the appetite and means clients feel they have contributed to your scheme which helps the buy-in process.

Some things you could suggest are;

  • Regular newsletters with valuable and timely information
  • Emergency out of hours telephone number
  • Special seminars with experts from the legal and business field
  • Evening/Saturday appointments for husbands and wives
  • Free review of private or commercial legal arrangements “Roadmap For Tomorrow”
  • Summer Party for clients and their families to get to know you better

Your Lawyer Client Registration Scheme Helps Protect Your Herd From Rustlers

Building your own “herd” through a lawyer client registration scheme will protect you from poachers trying to rustle your clients away. When you interact with your clients through the scheme you will also get the opportunity to transact.

Regularly checking that the data you hold is correct will
give you many opportunities to sell more to your Legal Clients.

You should collect as much information as your clients are happy to give and which allows you to be proactive in providing solutions.

Do not underestimate the value in having important information about your clients that is up to date.

Selling more to existing clients is one of the easiest ways of getting more profit.

For example, if you do conveyancing, it is possible that you have never asked your clients to register with you. You have already handled a major transaction for them, which means you have the start of a trusting relationship.

And yet, if you have only the information on their house purchase, with no further details about their needs, you are missing an opportunity to sell more.

What about offering a Will, tax planning and Trusts?

If you have a lawyer client registration scheme you will know if these solutions are appropriate, when to offer them and how much you could profit.

And remember, if you have a big, up to date client registration scheme it will protect you if your best staff leave.

It will also be a prized asset in any merger with another firm or sale of the company.

And it will be a seam of rich information you can mine for gold!

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