Marketing Videos For Lawyers

Here are some videos about marketing and other things you might want to watch. (It's better than watching the local news which won't make you any money and will probably tell you who started a fire in a car park. Big Deal." If you're like most people and don't take immediate action to do something, then you'll get sidetracked! All videos by Boyd Butler

To get a great video series on marketing - go here

Track your leads online and offline - watch this video
Grab your Google Plus page today

Facebook facts for solicitors
Google Remarketing is Spooky MagicYour Business Is The Internet
Get An Offer On To Your Google Places Listing To Get More Action
Get Content - Distribute It - Talk About It - Claim Expert Status

Great Local Marketing - Do It For Free
Automated Marketing - People Buy When They Are Ready - click here when you've watched the video
A Really Important Video That Could Change Your Life.

The Economy/Recession Explained
Cool Marketing Idea That Brought in £22,000
How To Make A Video For Your Website
Open Management Releases The Power of Employees
What 3 Things Are You Doing To Get More Referrals?

What Is Your Answer To "Why Should I Buy From You?"
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