Positioning For Lawyers

Lawyers have two main ways to get leads.

Push marketing and Pull marketing.

A push strategy consists sending your message to the market through advertising and direct response campaigns.

A pull strategy involves pulling prospects in to you through PR, free content, word of mouth, and referral programs.

Both methods work when done well, especially when used together.

In a recession, pull tactics are particularly effective. Why?

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.

Because right now, prospects are reticent about spending their budgets and don't want to make a mistake.

They do want access to valuable information that will help them make the right choice about where to spend their budget.

One of the best ways to leverage the current market to your advantage is to make your website a fountain of knowledge. This will magnetically pull prospects in to you and it means they will be ready to buy from you when they decide to open their wallet.

The weakest part in the selling process is usually in the prospecting department. Most people do not enjoy it. And some people positively avoid it. It’s not really a surprise because it is not the easiest or most pleasant way to spend your life -  talking to people that are just not interested in what you have to sell most of the time.

There is a better way. And it’s not prospecting. It’s called positioning. And it’s a way of positioning yourself as the qualified expert, the go to guy, that people seek out when they want solutions to their problems.

Because when someone seeks you out you are no longer a seller. They are a buyer. And people love to buy. When someone comes looking for you they have raised their hand to say they are interested in what you’ve got. It’s also a lot more effective being the expert because people buy when they are ready. Not necessarily when they see your advert or direct mail letter.

Positioning yourself as the legal expert can be done in many ways.

Writing – this is a great way to be discovered. You can write books, articles, reports and newsletters that are read by people who then perceive you to be a legal expert.

For example, you could write the official “National Trust Guide To Planning Your Will.”

This could be distributed on demand to enquirers from the National Trust database, (2 million people). The National Trust can then be written in to the will as a legacy.

Public Speaking – you can get to hundreds of prospects free with just a little work and thought. Open up the Yellow Pages or go online and search for groups and associations in your town.

All you have to do is find the right groups. For example, there will be an estate agent group for your property team and you could do a fun talk on “How To Get Lawyers To Exchange Contracts Fast – 10 Tips You Must Absolutely Know!”.

The same process of public speaking can be seminars where you share your expertise with prospects. This can be paid for or free. But you must give good valuable information in an entertaining way.

Publicity – when someone writes an article about you suddenly you become a celebrity and you get credibility. We live in celebrity dominated world. And if you can become a celebrity then this is of great benefit. You just have to be quotable and available. Make yourself a spokesperson that editors can rely on.

And be proactive. If there’s national news about pot holes and compensation, call the editors with a quote about how people can claim compensation. Include editors and journalists on your newsletter list. Co-host a local radio show answering legal questions. You might end up with a testimonial such as “What John Smith doesn’t know about law ain’t worth knowing!” coming from the editor of a newspaper.

Using your books, white papers, reports, website, information lines, and newsletters are all tools that get your prospect to conclude that you are the right legal expert to do their work.

Take a look at this Solicitors in Bournemouth - although his website isn't great - here's his Yell.com blog which presents him as an expert in Family Law.

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