Selling the Invisible

What Makes Your Legal Practice Unique?

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Imagine trying to sell something as nebulous as "good service". That's a quote from Harry Beckwith's book, Selling The Invisible.

To stand out in business you have to have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

This is something that sets you apart from the competition – it makes you a “must have” product or service.

To the prospective customer, your USP is the answer to his question

"Why should I choose your Legal Service over any other competitor available to me?" 

I have a reliable mobile mechanic who does my servicing.

Alan offers something that my main dealer doesn't, (and it's not a cheaper price!)

He has a USP that appeals to me and 700 other clients.
"Boyd, I Save You Four Hours Of Valuable Time That You Can Use To Do Whatever You Want Whether Working, Playing With The Kids Or Working Out".

He has a great USP that is delivered by coming to my house, servicing my car, taking it to the MOT station and returning it for me to my driveway. Wow.

1 Why a USP is important and why your Legal Practice must have one

Your USP is the basic rock of your business. There's a saying that goes "If you stand for nothing, then you'll fall for anything - recession, downturn, competitor opening, price, war etc"

Without one you have a “me too” business.

You are going to find it very difficult to have loyal clients.

You may have satisfied clients for a while, those who are ok about your service or product, but who switch if something else better comes along. 

Your USP is your “iron curtain of indispensability” locking clients in to you.

2 What is a USP?

You need to be able to explain in a single sentence or prhrase why your clients use you and why a prospect should too.

It is the essence of what you have to offer.  

An example of a USP is Domino’s Pizza, “Fresh, piping hot pizza delivered to your home in under 30 minutes – or your money back”

If it had been Domino’s Pizza “Simply the Best in Town” then they would have had a slogan – easily replicated by every other pizza take away.

3 How to find your USP

Get all the details of what your Legal Practice offers and distill it down into one sentence or short phrase.

It needs to be clear, concise and sell to your prospects. It’s not Shakespeare – it needs to generate desire and urgency, not literary awards.

Ask yourself and others about what it is that you do so well for them. This will give you a start. 

Other things you might shout about;

  • Speed and Ease - Are you the fastest, or do you make it easy, (Amazon one click, Wills online, Guaranteed Response).
  • Extras- Do you offer a bonus product such as seminars, books, reports
  • Broad selection –  e.g. every specialist you need under one roof
  • Guarantees – We win your case or pay you £1000!
  • Convenience = Evening appointments
  • A long guarantee – if you’re not 100% totally satisfied don’t pay us a penny
  • Free Trial, "If you're not completely and absolutely satisfied after 14 days we’ll hand your case over to a lawyer of your choice and won’t bill you a penny.
  • Use what customers don't want to find a USP, i.e. no waiting around, no hassle, no payment until completed! 

Make sure your USP is measurable, comparable, demonstrable and quantifiable.

Communicating a USP will often reinvigorate a company, its sales and its staff.
If your current USP is a "me too" or even worse, you don't have one, maybe a USP will lead transform your business by giving you the focus you need.

And if your USP for your Legal Practice is "We aren't worse than anyone else" then you have a problem!!


Send me your USP statement  I'll let you know what I think ;-)

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