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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

   Hi, I was just wondering why your products cost more than the shop down the road? Which answer would you give?

A) Look, if you want the cheapest then I suggest you shop elsewhere.

B) What guy down the road? Oh him. He's a crook. You don't want to buy from him.

C) We pay our staff more so we have to charge more.

D) It's true our products have a higher value. If price is your only criteria I can see why you would ask the question. Because we want you to have a quality product, we only work with top suppliers. You also have a 100% every single penny back guarantee. Is price really the only issue for you?

Your clients are loyal when...

B. Your client refers other clients to you.


A referral is the signal that your client is loyal. If the client is placing orders with you, great, but it is not full loyalty until they begin referring clients to you. If the client talks to you, it does not mean they will be loyal. Wanting to know more about is the start of the relationship.

The test for loyalty is; Will the client do business with you again, and will the client refer others to you?

If loyalty = getting referrals

doesn’t it make sense to encourage them?

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