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How Your Staff Can Make 100 Improvements In 27 Days At Your Legal Practice

There is a Japanese saying that if you don’t see someone for 3 days you should look for the differences when you first see him again.

This based on a Japanese philosophy which is called Kaizen.

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It is about making small changes over a period of time that improve a product, no matter how small the changes might be. Over time these small changes add up to make a significant difference.

  • How can you make improvements in your practice?
  • Who is it that is going to suggest the differences
  • Will they make a positive difference?
The best people to ask first are your own staff. Because if they  think of them, it is relatively certain that they will implement these changes.

It is not unusual for staff to think of 100 improvements in a business fairly easily.

When was the last time you made 100 improvements in what you do?

For example,

  • Do you have your legal qualifications on the wall in your reception?
  • Do you pay for the car park charges your clients incur in visiting you?
  • Do you offer an online service for private clients to update their will?
  • Do you offer information telephone lines?
  • Do you have free simple law books that prospects can request?
  • Do you publicise your charity/community work?
If you implement 10 improvements a month then 120 a year will soon see you standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Top sportsmen are constantly looking for the edge even if it is just a 1% improvement. Are you a Tiger Woods or a Colin Montgomerie?

Small improvements can bring about "excellence"  over time.

And don’t worry about making the changes perfect.
This is not what excellence is about.

Action is more important than perfection. If you wait until you are perfect to do anything then you are going to be inactive for a very long time.

All you have to do is be your own consultant. So open your eyes up to some fresh thinking.

Take a walk around the reception area.
Do you have a display with testimonials?
Does your receptionist deal with calls in a great manner?
Do your toilets look clean?
Can people find your building easily?
Do you ask every client for a referral?
Do your staff all know who is where today?
Are you cross selling?
Are you upselling?
Are you measuring your marketing?

The list goes on and on. The point is this. The more ideas you generate the more you are going to improve. But most legal firms do not strive to become excellent.

And if you don't strive to be excellent then someone else will catch you up and take over. And as excellence does not cost more money, why wouldn't you strive for it. Unless of course, you have an excuse or two?

Top Tip - Get your significant other half to visit your offices with a notebook and see what they come up with. I'd love to see the list they come up with!
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