Legal Marketing Consultants

Consulting Days are now £2475.

Consulting projects are from £977 per month via Skype/Phone/Email


Is it really possible to transform your legal sales and marketing?

The answer is yes, if you want to.
(How do I know?)

Business development is not something that forms part of the everyday activity of the average lawyer or average legal practice.

A day consulting means you can have your own marketing and selling system which can be implemented by anyone at your firm.

How it works;

A) You hire me to come and do a full diagnostic on your sales and marketing.

I'll find out exactly where you can improve - fast - and give you the strategy you need to boost your profits.

B) You might ask me to implement a project for you based on what we have discovered. Fees will be agreed based on objectives to be met.

C) If you aren't satisfied by my full day of consulting then you'll get a full, every single pound and penny refund.

There are a number of reasons that average fee earners and many partners don't do it. These are some of the reasons I have discovered;

You aren't measured on business development
You aren't paid to do it
You don't benefit from success (unless they are a partner)
It's too difficult for you
You can't be bothered
You don't see it as adding to their skills set
You have internal barriers to you doing it
You have never been trained or directed
You are too conservative
Your boss is too conservative
You don't have the time

However, a practice can easily land a £100,000 contract with my help.

A sole practitioner can make £5000 in one week.

And every excuse or lack of skill can be addressed in a short period of time. Perhaps not to expert level, although at least to a proficient level and with excellent results.

Remember nothing changes unless you decide to act.

Because even if you are on the right road, doing nothing means you are standing still.

Call me today - right this minute, on 0795 1284875
before you waste any more time.

Leave a message and I'll call you back.

PS Maybe isn't a decision so if you want to improve your performance and make more money go ahead and say yes.

Remember my 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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