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Tuesday 13th November 2012 - Change the profitability of your marketing

I'm currently reviewing a marketing sequence for a publishing

firm. It's probably going to transform their business and profits

and the ideas are simple.

A good idea isn't always new. There's a larger success

out there for you by using simple ideas. Here's a couple of videos

of one such idea from 3 years ago.

Video one

And Video two

It's about how you can change your profitability through marketing

in sequences.

Check them out - sorry for the lousy sound...things have moved

on since I recorded these...but the principle is just as relevant as ever.

Friday 9th November 2012 - How Much Proof Is Good Enough?

Testimonials tell your prospect and existing clients that you are good at what you do.

The more testimonials you have the better.

But the key point about having them is that you have to use them.

Because keeping your light under a bushel is a natural thing for most solicitors to do...but it won’t help your prospects buy from you.

Using testimonials is a great way to get others to say it for you. One of my members has been using a shock and awe packet of testimonials that he sends when he gets an enquiry. The box of goodies contains a book he’s written and dozens of testimonials.

Here are some of the questions from my book that has a section on testimonials. My book has a £1 trial (check out link at bottom).


15.) Do you have a reliable system of collecting and creating client testimonials and
success stories?
_______ No (0) _______ Yes (2)

You need lots of testimonials. Nothing sells better than someone else saying you are great. You need “nice guy” and “money” and “solved my problem” testimonials. Ideally in several formats.

Letters, emails, audio and video. Too tough? Then you are missing out big time.
Watch this video to see when you have enough testimonials

16.) If “yes,” how many testimonials and success stories do you have?
_______ 1-5 (1) _______ 6-10 (2) _______ 11-20 (3) _______ 21 & over (4)

You can never have too many testimonials. Think “preponderance of proof” rather than just a little.

Here is a report on the psychology of influence and why people respond to testimonials

17.) Do you effectively and powerfully use your testimonials in all the marketing,
advertising and sales efforts you do?
_______ No (0) _______ Sometimes (1) _______Yes, always (3)

Don’t go into the boxing ring with one hand tied behind your back. Why limit your sales arsenal if you don’t have to. Always use testimonials in selling online, offline, face to face, always.

Tuesday 23rd October 2012 - Are you a commondity or experience service?

"Any idiot can figure out why it won’t work.

It takes intelligence to figure out how it can work."

I like that quote. Probably said by Dan Kennedy. Hint...Get his books

Lots of people seem to read about marketing and then spend

lots of time figuring out how it doesn’t apply to their business.

Which probably explains why there are so many

average businesses around.

I've put a little PDF together with some thoughts on this...please get it here

It'll take a couple of minutes to read...but it may just land you a

few new clients.

Tuesday 9th October 2012 - The University of Stickability

I read this article about Sir John Gudron who has just won the Nobel Prize for science.

His school report from 1949 said,

"I believe he has ideas about becoming a scientist, on this showing that is completely ridiculous."

Thankfully, Sir John, did not take other's opinions too much to heart. He did his own thing. He's a member of the University of Stickability.

Persistency is one of the qualities you must have if you want to be great at marketing.

Because although you are trying to create a marketing system which gives you predictable and profitable results it will take time, effort and testing to get you there.

But don’t despair if your first efforts don’t pay off. Learn from them.

Just as Thomas Edison said, “I got it wrong 9,999 times in trying to invent the lightbulb...but I learned from every failure.”

The main thing about marketing is to know that just testing, tweaking and persisting in marketing will get results.

And sometimes changing the positioning of your service or product can have dramatic effects. Which is another reason to try new things out.

And inventing new products by amalgamating old products, or changing their name or offering them to a different niche.

You might take heart from the fact that well-known brands such as Timex, Kleenex, Q-Tips, or 7UP haven’t always been successful...

  • Timex was a failing company until their cheap watches were put on sale in, of all places, pharmacies. Their success is based on the fact that they tested new places to sell their products!
  • In the 1920s, Leo Gerstenzang saw his wife clean out their baby's ears with cotton balls stuck on toothpicks. He then got the idea to design cotton buds, which he originally called "Baby Gays" in 1926.

    But it wasn't until he discovered that people were using his buds for different uses other than cleaning baby ears that he decided to change the name to "Q-Tips." After that, sales skyrocketed!
  • Kleenex was originally advertised to be used to remove make-up. But when it was discovered that people were using it to blow their noses, they changed their marketing and sales exploded almost instantly.
  • 7UP was originally a means of settling infants' upset stomachs and then, as an adult hangover remedy. But when the makers turned it into a soft drink, it sales rocketed!

Testing is part of being committed to marketing. And marketing is about finding, getting, keeping and growing your clients.

So why is it that very few solicitors firms are members of the University of Marketing Stickability?

Remember most prospects have to hear about you, like you, and trust you even before they consider buying from you. And that takes time.

One way of using time well is by persistently offering high quality information that allows prospects to make an informed choice. This will help you convert prospects to buyers.

Some time ago I did a video about “marketing sequences” which is another way of saying persistent marketing.

You can see those videos here.

Part One - click here

Part Two - click here

It’s still relevant. And it will always be relevant.

Because most law firms give up after a couple of goes trying to sell.

People don’t buy when you want to sell. They buy when you are ready. And you had better be top of their mind when that happens.

One way of doing this automatically is by offering a free report on whatever subject interests your prospects. You get their email address and send a series of 5, 10, 20, or 50 emails with video explanations, testimonials, examples, offers , diagrams, recordings – a whole multi-media "preponderance of proof" that you are the right firm to solve the prospects problems.

Too hard for others to do? You bet.

Too hard if you’re not persistent? Golly gosh yes.

Too hard for you to do...? Maybe.

But if you want to be persistent with your prospects keep in touch with them with quality information...

And if you got this far down congratulations on your persistency.

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