Reputation Management

Reputation Management is vital.

(Let me monitor your online reputation - see my
review monitoring service I provide via my Fresh Marketing Agency).

What gets written online - stays online forever and the ripples of a negative review can stretch far and wide.

No-one likes to upset their clients intentionally. The trouble is that sometimes clients do get upset, and they like to let off steam. They probably do this with their family and friends – but some people like to tell anyone who cares to listen about their bad experiences.

Clients who write reviews about your company can influence your prospects and existing clients. If they are positive review, they are a sort of testimonial. They help convince people to use you through the influence of “social proof”.

Conversely, negative reviews can put people off using you. People don’t like to make the wrong decision and what other people have written or said about your firm will influence their decision to use you – or not.  Please watch the video and download the resource PDF below.


For your guide on what to do please download this PDF

Reputation Management Training
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