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There's something you want to know.


Unless you write down your New Year Resolution you are unlikely to achieve it.


That's because when you write something down, you are making a commitment.


It's in black and white. And there's a psychological element that fixes it in your brain when "you make your mark". It's your promise to yourself.


So I suggest that you write down at least one thing you want to change about your business in the next 12 months.


Make three copies of your one-sentence resolution.

  • Put one on your fridge door. (All the family will see it and understand why you have to stay at the office late sometimes).
  • Put one on an A4 sheet in large letters right in front of you at work.
  • Send one copy to me. I'll publish it here on my Resolution Page.


Why should you send one to me?

(Send it via email

You may have a resolution that is similar to someone else who is a member of Great Legal Marketing.

In which case, perhaps we can "mastermind" the solution together.


You may have a resolution that is unique to you but has already been solved by someone else. And it would be great to share.


Somewhere, someone, somehow already has the answer to your problem.

And finally, by publishing your resolution here you are more likely to achieve it. Because you probably need a little "kick" every now and then to take action.

(Send it via email

Here is what one member wants...


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