Lawyer Marketing

 Lawyer Specialisation 
 Specialists. People pay more for them.
If you needed a brain operation to save your life, would you argue about the paying for the best surgeon? No.
You may have specialist skills in certain niches which
 Lawyer Joint Ventures 
 Why would you want to go to all the expense and hassle of finding new clients when there are lots of companies that have already done the hard work for you?
 Selling the Invisible 
 What Makes Your Lawyer Practice Unique? To stand out your Legal Practice has to have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) This is something that sets you apart for your Legal Clients
 Find New Legal Clients For Pennies 
 Lawyer Information lines are telephone lines that have pre-recorded messages that give out relevant information to prospects or existing clients without them having to speak to somebody
 Direct Marketing For Lawyers 
 Do you get lots of direct mail? The reason you keep getting it, is because it works. So why aren't lawyers using direct mail to get prospects to respond? Here's your simple guide to successful direct mail for lawyers....
 Law Firms Can Market For Free And Make Money Easily 
 You Must Speak To Your Old, Disappeared Clients -
Even If They Don't Want To Speak To You. 93 per cent of all businesses forget about clients that no longer buy. Clients that used to buy read more......
 Lawyer Registration Scheme 
 Do You Have A Client Registration Scheme That Means You Can Generate Super Profits Whatever The Economy Is Doing? The more you know about your clients the more you can sell to them. Does that sound blunt?
 Lawyer Advertising | Getting Results 
 Do Your Rubbish Adverts Get Rubbish Results?
How much does it cost you to get an expert to review your direct mail or advertising? The answer is ZILCH. Nothing. It’s Free. Because you can be as good as
 How Solicitor Guarantees Get More Buyers 
 Where did this come from? Is it because IBM used to make the best computers? No. It came from IT buyers being scared to death of making the wrong decision when spending the firm’s money. All purchasers are emotional.
 Positioning For Lawyers 
 Lawyers have two main ways to get leads.
Push marketing and Pull marketing.
A push strategy consists sending your message to the market through advertising and direct response campaigns.
 How Solicitors Can Use Testimonials 
 Remember Testimonials are one of the best tools you can have to convince prospects to choose you. That's because most people are followers and not leaders. And testimonials make it easier for followers to justify.
 Lexcel Membership For Lawyers 
 Legal advice with service quality guaranteed!
Wow. That's what I want from my lawyer. Service Quality Guaranteed! And there are hundreds of lawyers that reach the Lexcel Practice Management Standard.
 Yellow Pages Mistakes Lawyers Make 
 Now open the Yellow Pages where your advert is. See all the other adverts? It’s the most competitive marketing “war zone” there is. You are just one among the competition. They are all spending their £500, £
 Are You An Alzheimer's Law Specialist 
 Mobile Websites For Solicitors And Law Firms 
 Google Plus Marketing Made Easy 
 Law Firms That Get Ranked On Google 
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