Video Testimonials For Lawyers

Video Testimonials are a killer tool.

59% of all internet traffic is people watching video.

People now watch more You Tube videos per day than they watch TV in the UK.

Video is seeing, hearing and believing.

Which means you must use video for testimonials as soon as you can.

Just like this lawyer video testimonial my client received and is now using to secure more business.

And when there is nothing stopping you, then why not start today. Because if a six year old can film something and upload it to the internet, then so can you.

If you are a videographer, then you already know what to do. But if you are like 99% of lawyers then start out with the simple FLIP video camera or equivalent.

For around £70 you can get a camera that will record decent enough audio and video to upload on to the internet. It's a simple point and shoot camera with an inbuilt USB, so no messy cables.

And all you have to do to shoot a video is ask your very happy client three simple questions and record his response. Practice this with your colleagues in your firm so you get better at asking the questions and your colleagues get used to seeing themselves on film.

Asking three questions will mean that your video testimonials are to the point and get across what you want to get across.

Asking something along the lines of;

What do you look for in a legal firm?
How did we help solve your problem?
What would you say to anyone thinking of using us?

This will get the answers you need to be on film and will take no more than five minutes to get done. And make sure they are no longer than 2 minutes to watch.

Easy to do, absolutely necessary and massively powerful.


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