Video for Lawyers

Field Seymour Parkes is a law firm in Reading.

12 months ago they were nowhere on Google.

Now they are secondin the organic listings of Google (non-paid)
 for "solicitors in Reading".

How did they do it?

They simply followed a few things I asked
them to do and did it themselves.

Zero cost. Huge result.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell - So Sell Your Story With Video And Get Big Rewards

And they also started using video to train their own staff which is a really cool way to package up your knowledge and pass it on. Remember, learning is the socialisation of knowledge.

How Clients Are Now Using Video To Train Their Own Staff

A lesson in how powerful building value can get you more money for your services. If you want to see how to make a huge increase in profts from the way you can package something then you might get this.

How Powerful Words Can Build Value To What You Do - The BMX Example

I'm pretty hard on lawyers that don't try to come up with the right bait to appear at other seminars. Because getting on a seminar that an accountant has set up means accessing their expensively acquired clients for free. It's worth doing. So make sure you do it.

Why Aren't You Being Asked To Speak To Other's Clients

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