Are You An Alzheimer's Law Specialist

What do you do when a parent or partner gets Alzheimers?

You probably know what to do.

You can talk to a lawyer colleague and find out what the implications are.
But I haven't got a clue. And that's the same for 99% of people who
unfortunately have a parent/brother/sister that gets Alzheimers.

Carers want information about what they need to do legally. They might
go to the family lawyer. But they might go to a specialist too. Particularly
one that can prove remarkable empathy, skill and experience in dealing
with this area of law.

Think of what specialisms you have. Create a unique niche for your
services. And then market them. You will be helping people when they
really need help. Isn't that what you want to do?

PS Think about how someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Can your legal firm partner with someone that does it? That's when you need to be on hand to help.

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