Business Plans For Solicitors

Business plans for lawyers or solicitors plans are crucial.

I listen to lots of discussion boards about law firm marketing.

And there always questions about business plans for law firms...

Have you got one?

Do you refer to it?

Do you carry it out?

Test it and tweak it?

One thing is certain. If you write things down you are more likely to do them.

But too many people think that the writing is the action in itself.

And it's really easy to write a five year, three year or one year plan and then find that six weeks into it things have changed and it is no longer relevant.

How about a 12 week plan? Something that is long enough to achieve things and short enough to action. It takes the idea of "disciplined opportunism" and puts it down on paper.

You can refer to it, action it and tweak it as you go. And that is the key.


You can show it to partners so they know what you are doing. You can show it to colleagues so they can learn from you. And you can share the results easily on one piece of A4.

Pretty soon you've got a legal marketing manual on how you have done things, how they have worked and what will work better.

This may work for you. Or not. But you can try it if you like.

Simply email me for your 3 month legal marketing framework and I'll send it to you.

Let me know how you get on. Or make some changes and share ;-)

Remember, business plans for lawyers or solicitors business plans will keep you on track to succes.

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