Direct Marketing For Lawyers

Do you get lots of junk mail?

Why do you think that is?

It's because it’s not junk mail. It’s direct mail. And the reason you keep getting it is because it works. 
(Direct Mail can even save lives check out this mailing).

And the great thing about direct mail is that the numbers prove it works.

You can mail 1000 people for just £450 and you can sell something for £900.
If this makes you £450 profit you’ve made your money back.

It's worth doing, because that one client that buys £900 of services is now your client, potentially forever. That means if they buy one more thing from you then you are in profit.

The thing about direct mail is that it is measurable. Brand Advertising is NOT.


Who wouldn’t want to send a letter out for 40 pence and get 50 pence back everytime? The only reason you’d stop is if you can’t handle any more work, (and even then you’d probably take a commission and send the work to a preferred partner).

Direct mail is therefore a skill that every legal firm must master.

Or at least be good at.

Here's a follow up marketing letter I got about Wills,

check out the screencast to see where they went wrong with their solicitor direct mail.

It's a must to use direct mail to get your prospects to raise their hand and say “Hey, I’m interested in what you’ve got”.

Measuring your response will mean you can test different letters, offers, gifts, reports and  of course, different lists of potential clients to market to.

As a general rule, according to Direct Mail Expert, Drayton Bird,

  • 40% of the success of direct mail is attributable to the targeted list
  • 40% is down to the offer
  • 20% is down to the creative

 For a very quick checklist for your Direct Mail always try to make sure that;

  1. There’s an offer (free gift, or special expertise)
  2. There’s a reason to respond right now – (valid until December 1st  Only)
  3. There are clear instructions how to respond (call us on our FREE 0800 line today)
  4. Copy should be strong and not weak
  5. It should stand out
  6. There is tracking and measurement (calls generated, appointments, business sold)
  7. Always make Direct Mail part of a sequence - people buy when they are ready
  8. Results Rule - full stop

Remember branding is a by product of direct response marketing. 

The focus is on measuring the results, testing different approaches and continual improvemen!

When you have a letter that is guaranteed to make you money every time you mail it, you have one very valuable asset. Use it.




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