Do Your Legal Clients Trust You Enough To Buy?

Trust. You probably still trust people you knew at University more than people you met last month.

So are you trustworthy? And how do you get people to trust you?

Instinct and perceptions by the prospective customer is key – and value perception plays a major role.

“Is this going to be someone that is valuable to me?” is the question going on in someone’s head. If the answer is yes, they will begin to believe in you, may grow to trust you and may become a client.

So how do you get to the YES inside a prospects brain?

Trust is built by evidence. Your interactions over time, your appearance, the way you communicate clearly, honestly and speedily.

Trust is earned day after day and it can take many years to build, and only a few seconds to destroy.

Who do you trust? Think why do I trust him? Truthful, long term relationship, reliable, consistent, giving, good listener, someone who gives without expecting reward?

You see trust is not a difficult concept. You automatically know what the qualities of someone you can trust are. But here’s a reminder……..

Tell the truth. Would you lie to your children? Don’t lie to anyone

Keep promises Would you break a promise? Deliver what you say you will

Communicate clearly and efficiently - People think you don’t care if you don’t communicate

TLC Think Like a Client - Help others with what they want, even if it has nothing to do with work!

Punctuality - Respect other people’s time and they will respect yours. It proves your reliability

Be friendly - A smile is worth a thousand words. And it costs nothing

Belief - Believe in what you do and be sincere. If you love your job you’ll shine

Say Thank You - Genuine thanks, a card, a book or a simple thank you for using you will build a relationship and get you referrals and testimonials

Be consistent-  Don’t be friendly one minute and unfriendly the next. Polite one day and rude the day after. Consistency is a key psychological factor everyone craves in life

Trust others - Trust other people. You can’t switch trust on and off like a TV.

In all personal relationships trust is THE key.

Does everything you do build TRUST?

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