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 Marketing, Promoting Law Firm Websites 
 Marketing your legal practice on the internet is essential.
You need to be easily found by people who want to use you. You need to have great content for “hungry clients to devour. Your website has to be easy for
 Lawyers | Google | Websites 
 Lawyers Can Get Hundreds Of New Clients From Google.

Which is why you must ask at every opportunity;

"Why is our lawyer website not on the first page of the Google results for Lawyers in my town."
 Video Testimonials For Lawyers 
 This page helps Lawyers understand why video testimonials are important and how they can easily create their own videos for use on their website, in presentations and to send to prospects as a DVD or by email.
 Get Locals To Find You Online 
 Make sure you are using Google Maps because local search is becoming more important for you to find new clients.
 Writing Website Pages For Law Websites 
 What do you need to keep in mind when you are writing the pages for your law firm website? Here are some handy tips that will see conversions from prospects to clients rocket. Simple ideas - just do it.
 Website Reviews 
 new websites from law firms reviewed
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