How Solicitor Guarantees Get More Buyers

Why legal practices should make a guarantee prospects cannot ignore.

Everyone has heard of the expression, “You can’t get fired for buying IBM.”

Where did this come from? Is it because IBM used to make the best computers? No. It came from IT buyers being scared to death of making the wrong decision when spending the firm’s money.

All purchases are emotional. Which then get justified through logic. In order to sell something you have to make sure you speak to the emotional and the logical parts of the brain.

You make people want to buy by selling something in a friendly and trustworthy way, that demonstrates a great solution to someone’s problems at a price they think is worth the money.

But there’s always a nagging feeling when you buy something isn’t there? That’s why there’s an official cooling off period when you buy something by direct mail or online. And a lot of people return something when they have bought it because they cannot justify the purchase through logic.

One of the simplest ways to remove the fear factor in purchasing, which is a barrier you don’t want people to jump over, is by offering guarantees.

Most retail products have guarantees. Car manufacturers make their 7 year warranties part of their marketing messages. Lawyers make the no-win no-fee guarantee. But is that the only one that can be made?

You can guarantee to send clients a weekly update on their property conveyancing.

You can guarantee a fixed fee for updating a will once a year.

You can guarantee to inform clients of any employment legislation that will affect their human resources department.

You can guarantee a free seminar on a particular legal subject every year.

You can guarantee that if a client is not happy with your work you’ll simply refund their money.

Why not? Only a few people will take advantage of your guarantee and this will be far outweighed by the new business you will get.

The ultimate guarantee is the “better than risk free guarantee.” This is where you make an offer along the lines of, “If you are not 100% satisfied with our legal work, we will refund you the money and donate £100 to the charity of your choosing.”

The prospect that sees and hears this guarantee is going to say, “hey, this guy must know what he is doing to make an offer like that. I’m going to go with him.” And that’s just what you want to hear.

PS One of the greatest guarantees I have ever seen is by Todd Davis, the CEO of Lifelock, who plastered his social security number on the top of his web site (it's 457-55-5462 by the way). When reporters asked CEO's of other "identity theft protection" companies to give their social security numbers they all said "no".

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