Find New Legal Clients For Pennies

It's 8pm and Mary has just plucked up the courage to find out about getting a divorce. She can't search online because her husband might find out. She can't call during the day because she's at work. She doesn't want to talk to anyone in her family.

She has the number of a local solicitors divorce line. It's a freephone number.
She calls it and hears a sympathetic and warm voice speaking about what steps she needs to take, what she needs to think about and how she can get in touch.

Information lines are telephone lines that have
pre-recorded messages that give out relevant information to prospects withoutthem having to speak to somebody.

If you have called a bank recently, there's a good chance the information line has been your source of how to transfer money, get a balance, or find out your interest payments.

They are very useful because they work 24 hours a day. The message can be as long as you want it to be. Prospects can listen to the information without making any commitment.

They can qualify themselves as prospects by listening to the relevant information and then deciding if they want to speak to you directly.

Someone that listens to an information line on “The 3 things you must know if you are thinking about divorce” and then calls you is identifying themself as a prospect.

Not everyone will be willing and ready to speak to a lawyer without doing research on their particular problem. So an information line is a perfect way for them to do their research in a conversation that you control.

Lines are inexpensive to record and have available. It’s less than the price of a quality newspaper per day.

What’s more, information lines can be advertised to many thousands of people via local newspapers because they do not need big adverts.

All the information is on the recorded message.

You only have to get someone to call it and the recorded
message does the selling.

If you have a divorce line message which you advertise for £20 a week to a 10,000 ciculation newspaper and 15 people call the divorce line then you may pick up 5 clients worth many thousands of pounds.

If this test works well, (and it is totally trackable because of the unique phone number used in each newspaper) then you can try another newspaper, outside your local area.

If this works you can try another and so on, measure response and return on investment all the way.

For a very small sum you could find yourself with a national business built via small adverts in newspapers and cheap information lines.



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