Lawyer Specialisation

Specialists. People pay more for them.

If you needed a brain operation to save your life, would you argue about paying for the best surgeon? No.

You may have specialist skills in certain niches which means two things.

1 You can charge more

2 You can target these niches to get more clients

Let's say you have built up considerable expertise in advising charities.

You can ask for referrals from your 3 charity clients to put you in the frame with other charities.

You can identify other charities that are similar and target them with a marketing sequence.

The sequence can include;

Testimonials and case studies to sell your expertise to these new prospects

Quality legal information with free reports, seminars, writing for charity management magazines

Legal resources for charities such as  to engage prospective clients

Promotions such as a £100 donation to come to your seminar or have a meeting with you.

What specialist areas do you have expertise in that you can offer to target niches?

When deciding the niches to target the 3 things to consider are:

1   how much competence you have
2   relative competition facing you 
3   the size of the market

You will be surprised that very few Legal Practices identify niches they have expertise in and then target them with a marketing sequence.

It's up to you whether you want to do it. My suggestion is that you try.


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