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Many Lawyers are brilliant communicators, great conversationalists and can spin a yarn or two. But they cannot sell as well as Yellow Pages sales reps.

And the reason they cannot sell is because they don’t know how to ask for the order.

So for those Lawyers who need some simple ways to phrase the “asking for the order question” here are some proven closing statements.

1 Ask “What’s the risk of working with us?”

This question allows any real objections to aired. It’s often the case that no real objections come to mind for the prospect which means you can say, “So Mr Smith, when would you like to start not risking?”

2 Ask for an indirect commitment.

“When is it you would like to get your new X launched by?”

3 Ask – what’s preventing it? “What are the obstacles in the way that prevent you working with us?

If there is a reason that comes up, reply, “Is that the only reason, in other words, Mr Smith, if it wasn’t for that we could move on?” (You then find the solution to the only problem).

4 Ask creatively – “National Get Off The Fence” Week?

Get some plastic fences and people from the pound shop. Wire the person to the fence and send a letter with it to the prospect asking them to help reduce their future problems by getting off the fence and engaging you. (This does not work unless you really know the person well and they have the personality to accept this joke - you can think out of the box though to use props to put your point across).

Or “My Grandma Always used to say make one good decision every day” "

Grandma always said I should make at least one decision a day. How about making the decision to work with us your decision for the day" (It’s easy to design a card with a picture of a Grandma on it!)
5 Create an offer that is so good that you can end the sentence by saying “Fair Enough?”

For example, “Mr Smith, I’ll prepare you a report free of charge giving you an outline solution to your problem that you are going to want. If you don’t like what you read, just return it to me and you won’t pay a penny, FAIR ENOUGH?”

6 Ask with humour “Mr Smith, I finally figured out what it will take to get your business, - all you have to do is say YES!

"When would you like to do that?”

7 Record the results you get to improve your closing ratio.

When you try them out, record the results, refine your statement and share with colleagues.

You will  then be on your way to creating the "closing statement sales system" your Practice probably doesn't have.
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