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Lawyers Solicitors Can Get Hundreds Of New Clients From Google and other search engines.

Which is why you must ask at every opportunity;

"Why is our website not on the first page of the Google results for solicitors or lawyers in my town."

There are simple reasons why you are failing to capitalise on hungry customers who want what you have. And if you have put your website in the hands of your IT manager, you'll probably want to ask him what he has done about the following:

Have we optimised the on-page website elements such as;

Keywords in your main page titles
Poor use of header tags
Not placing your keywords at the beginning and end of your pages
Not including keywords in the copyright section of your pages
Failing to bold or italicize your key words
Not using video

And more importantly have we optimised off page elements such as ;

links pointing to the website
Links not including keywords in them
Failure to get links from lots of sites with different IP addresses

Very importantly you must get yourself listed on Google Local.

Here's how to market your law firm on Google Local.

And a whole host of other things which I'll show you how to do!

Don't forget to click here to find out how to get your law firm marketing started on Google...

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