Marketing, Promoting Law Firm Websites

Marketing your legal practice on the internet is essential.

You need to be easily found by people who want to use you

You need to have great content for “hungry clients to devour”

Your website has to be easy for clients to find what they want fast

Other than family and friends (26 percent), the Internet is the biggest source for legal information.

When people want a lawyer, 59% of people type into a search engine what they want.

For example“lawyers in Reading” has 573 1327 people a month that do exactly this.

Would 573  1327 people a month coming to your website make a difference to your business? You bet it would if just 10% turned into clients.

That’s 57 130 people a month or 1,900 clients a year! (Who also need help with a new Will, house purchase, sale, tax/estate planning etc)

You can see it’s well worth getting to the front page of Google/Yahoo/MSN (and if you aren’t on the front page – well just forget it!)

Most lawyer websites either do not position well on search engines or are so boring they make my heart stop!

They do not give potential clients any reason to trust the company, never mind get in touch.

The way to get to the front page of Google is by having;

Search engine friendly website (Google robots have to love it!)

Great, relevant and fresh content,(Google robots find this sexy!)

Inbound links from quality websites (Google counts this as a vote for you!

These are the essentials you need from your website.

The ability to update and edit content instantly, without actually calling you webmaster or outside source

The ability to add additional web pages (not just blog) to jump on breaking news fast

You must be able to shoot, add and to upload video to your site on your own from your desktop

The ability to send an email newsletter to clients without calling your webmaster

Upload the content from the newsletter to your site

The ability to know the exact search terms your prospective clients used to find you on the Internet and the key words consumers are actually using to find you

The ability to have the full contact information that you have collected from the web which can automatically be added to your email newsletter list

The ability to actually convert visitors to clients

An "irresistible offer" that will provoke prospects to raise their hand and say "I'm interested, let's start the conversation."

This checklist can be used to ensure you get a website/s that deliver high Google rankings and leads.

And the more self sufficient you are the less it will cost and the more effective it will be. If all staff spent just 15 minutes a week helping to update the website that’s 7 or 8 articles a week which Google and clients will love. (And it takes care of your email newsletter too).

It’s a relatively small time and financial commitment to have a great website once it is set up.

But without it you will be vulnerable to the competition.

If you want a website that gets you on the first page of Google and gets you leads.........make sure you get the right advice.

*Some lawyers have several websites. They create them for individual niches such as personal injury. This can be an effective strategy, providing they are all on the first page of results of search engines for relevant terms.

Multiple websites do not necessarily have to cost a lot more than doing one website. So you can set up a website for different parts of your business such as or

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