Record Breaking Referrals Within Five Minutes

The Most Successful Referral Marketer of
All Time
is in the Guinness Book of Records.

His name is Joe Girard. Joe sold cars in Detroit.
He would sell 7 cars every day.
Nearly all of Joe's sales came by way or referrals.

What was Joe's Secret?

Joe created a system of staying in touch with all his past customers
and people that knew him.

Joe's System for Staying In Touch?

He knew he could not possibly "physically" contact a lot of people on a regular basis, so he sent them greeting cards.

He started to send cards on a regular basis to all the people that knew him.
The more cards he sent, the more referrals he got.

He sent more and more with messages that were personal and handwritten. 

Eventually He Sent Out Over 16,000 Greeting Cards a month and had a team of people help him! 

He had discovered a system which worked.  

What system do you have in place to make getting referrals from your
most profitable clients as easy and as successful as possible.

Perhaps five minutes a day to write five thank you cards is your system?

If you don’t have a system, then it is up to individuals to ask to ask for referrals.

And the problem with that is that not everyone does it, not everyone does it well, and not everyone does it successfully.

With a system, it is an automatic process which can be measured, improved and reworked over time, irrespective of the aptitude of the individual and their skill level.

And a system will also ensure that the reward to the referrer is never forgotten, which is the surest way of getting more referrals.

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