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 Lawyers That Sell Use This Guide Today 
 Have you ever bought anything from someone you thought was a complete idiot or unfriendly?

The answer is no. Before anything else, you must be friendly to sell. And if you are not friendly then get friendly.
 Testimonials For Lawyers 
 What others say independently about you is 100 times more powerful than what you say. That’s why you must get great testimonials.
 Legal Practice Referrals 
 Most legal companies get reasonable numbers of referrals. It’s often the main source of new business.
Referrals are a credible third party offering you free advertising. And those doing the referring are making a
 Do Your Legal Clients Trust You Enough To Buy? 
 Trust. You probably still trust people you knew at University more than people you met last month.
So are you trustworthy? And how do you get people to trust you?
 Are Your Prepared To Sell? 
 “It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Started Building The Ark.” Howard Ruff. We all know that the motto of the scouts is “Be Prepared!” So if the value of being prepared is known by a millions of children,
 Lawyer Presentations 
Most people would rather die than speak in public! Every person in business has to present at some time or
 Lawyers | Close That Deal 
 Many Lawyers are brilliant communicators, great conversationalists and can spin a yarn or two. But they cannot sell as well as Yellow Pages sales reps.
And the reason they cannot sell is because they don't
 Record Breaking Referrals Within Five Minutes 
 The Most Successful Referral Marketer of All Time is in the Guinness Book of Records. His name is Joe Girard. Joe sold cars in Detroit. He would sell 7 cars every day. Nearly all of Joe's sales came by way
 How To Create A Marketing Video For Your Law Firm In Five Minutes 
 Make a video in less than two minutes with this proven formula.....
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