How Solicitors Can Use Testimonials

Top 10.5 Ways To Use Testimonials As Part Of Your Automatic Selling System 

Testimonials are one of the best tools to convince prospects to choose you.

That's because most people are followers and not leaders. And testimonials make it easier for followers to justify what they are about to buy. 

If you aren't using them then you must. It's the only way to ensure you get the best results for your Practice.

Remember the sign of intelligence is action - so if you don't have any testimonials get out there and get some.

Here are some places you can use them successfully;

1. on your website – in the most appropriate place/section
2. in presentations – at the end or beginning to emphasise key points
3. as email signatures – you want people to know you are an expert
4. in your newsletter – every newsletter should have them
5. in direct mail –  use several testimonials to convince sceptics
6. in advertising – guaranteed to win over the doubters
7. hold messages on the phone – pre-sell to prospects while they are waiting
8. on the “Testimonial Story board” in reception – why not video too?
9. in Public Relations – doing great work is worthy of publicising
10. as a CD you send to prospects – an audio seminar for their car!
10.5 in seminars you give – establish yourself as an expert from the off

Using testimonials as part of your Sales System will prove to people that you do what you say you do.

When they think this, they call you. This is known as “pull marketing” – pulling prospects in, rather than the costly alternative of searching for them.

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