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Review of the Accident Claims Advice Website

A new website has recently been launched in the accident claims advice niche, and promises to
offer no-obligation personal injury advice for UK residents and workers.  Managed and operated
by the Accident Claimline, the new website offers both practical advice for claimants, as well as
details on how they can connect with a personal injury solicitor local to them. 

new accident claims UK website

Rather than taking the ambulance-chasing approach to personal injury, you know the thing…
constant emails, phone calls, and text messages about “an accident that wasn’t your fault”,
they instead work on an inbound marketing basis. 

You can see the website on this link:

Different Types of Accident Claims Advice

This is by the creation of compelling and useful content relating to different accident claims
types, which are then found by the end user who is searching on Google.  When the claimant
reaches the website they can then find out more about their particular type of accident claim
and then call the Freephone telephone number in order to talk to an accident claims specialist
who will assess the personal injury claim on a case by case basis.

So as an example, if you are searching for information on how to claim for an equestrian or
horse-riding accident then you can visit the Accident Claims Advice website,
visit the equestrian accident claims page, validate yourself that you might be able
to claim for compensation, then call the number.

Once you are through to the call centre you will be asked a few simple questions
about your accident including the date, details of the third party involved, whether you
received medical treatment, plus information on any witnesses to the accident.  If the
accident claims specialist believes that you could be due a compensation pay-out you
will then be passed through to a personal injury solicitor close to and local to you. 

Quite easy and straight-forward.

Design, Content and Usability of the Website

The website itself is nicely designed with clear calls to action and has a wealth of information
on many different forms of accident claims that are most common in the UK including:
  • Car accident claims
  • Accidents at work compensation
  • Industrial injury and deafness
  • Whiplash claims
  • Head, brain, neck, and spinal injury claims
  • Sports and cycling accident claims
  • Gym injury compensation claims
Email Form for Immediate Claims Advice

They also make use of an email capture form on the right hand side of the page.  This lets
claimants complete some brief details on their accident claim, and on submit goes in the
Accident Claimline who will then call the person back to discuss the details of the injury.
I assume that they will also do a level of email marketing using this data, although that’s
not been confirmed by the company.  If you are a solicitor then email marketing can be a
fantastic way in which to develop relationships with potential customers to increase business
for your law firm.

It’s something that I am a great advocate of and you can subscribe to my own email marketing
newsletter on the Great Legal Marketing homepage.

Video Marketing and YouTube

In addition to the on-site content relating to personal injury claims, they have also developed
a YouTube channel with videos relating to the various claims that people might be searching for. 
Most of the videos aren’t exactly to the standard of Steven Spielberg, but do a job.  The reason
that they are using video is that it’s one of the best ways in which legal firms can market their
services.  You can see an example of one of their videos below which is designed to display
in Google and YouTube when users search for “equestrian accident claims”.

Review of the Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol Website
Following on from the recent website review I did of the Accident Claims Web, here’s another personal review I’ve written about another legal website which is yet again in the personal injury niche.  This week I am reviewing Personal Injury Bristol, which is a new website that has recently been brought to my attention – click here to view the lawyers website.
For personal injury solicitors, as with most law firms, what really matters is getting the telephone to ring in order to pick up new business.  This new website called Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol is a great example of how law firms can create small lead generation type websites that are designed to stand alone from their actual company website, and operate purely to bring in new customers.

Personal Injury Bristol – Home Page Assessment

Below you can see a screenshot of how Personal Injury Bristol work.  As you can see there’s lots of bright and bold red, which perhaps does have some relevance to the whole accident claims advice and personal injury industry (although admittedly I am not too keen on it myself).

They have clear calls to action designed to make potential new clients and claimants pick up the telephone and make a call into their offices, all using a local Bristol telephone number which I assume is there to engender some form of trust that visitors are dealing with a local Bristol and Avon firm of personal injury solicitors – make sense.

What I also like is the way in which they have a claims form which they have titled “Free Injury Claim Assessment Form” – if someone completes that they get a quick call back from the personal injury company and are offered a free and on-obligation discussion about a potential compensation claim for personal injury.  Apparently lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which is particularly handy given you never really know when you might be unfortunate enough to have an accident or be the victim of an injury.

Other Pages on the Bristol Claims Website

Moving on from the homepage they have also obviously done their research into one kind of online searches potential clients in Bristol are looking for relating to personal injury solicitors and lawyers as they also have pages about their no win no fee process, plus accident claims in Bristol.
The textual information is all laid out very simply, and they write in a real plain English approach which I think is very important when it comes to the legal industry.  Many people are worried about dealing with solicitors so by explaining everything in very simple terms it should help to put a person’s mind at rest before they call in.

What I also like is that I have been assured that these guys aren’t operating in the spamming type approach to generating personal injury leads in the Bristol area.  Instead they let people find them and then make an enquiry.  This is very different to how I’ve seen some personal injury firms work who rely on cold calling, unsolicited SMS and text messaging, and expensive television advertising.
For me that’s a nice touch as nobody likes that kind of intrusive approach to online marketing, especially from legal firms. 

Video and YouTube Marketing
They are also giving some thought about how to generate online leads to their Bristol personal injury solicitors via other online channels – just like I advocate at Great Legal Marketing, video is a superb way of attracting new clients.  Here’s one of their own videos which you can watch below or click directly on YouTube to watch: Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol video.

Review Conclusion

Whilst I can’t admit that I am a huge fan of the design of the Personal Injury Bristol website, and understand the reason for it looking so brash. 

Ultimately this standalone website is designed for one thing only, and that’s to generate calls.  With the large fonts, calls to action, and enquiry forms it appears to be doing just that.

I wouldn’t recommend this type of design for the company website of a solicitors firm, but I think for simple lead generation purposes and getting new personal injury claims through the door it’s not a bad strategy to try and replicate.

To conclude, I am going to give these guys 7 out of 10, just losing a few marks for aesthetics.  If the design had looked a bit better then perhaps Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol would have scored higher, but as I said, I totally understand the rationale behind the look and feel.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine to Google, and is actually owned by Google. 
You can actually rank YouTube videos in the Google search engine, so it’s a great way in
which to potentially get more customers.  You can see some of my own tips about how
law firms can leverage video marketing on my need video page.

Review Conclusion

Overall, it’s one of the best accident claims advice websites that I’ve seen on the web. 
It’s a market that’s quite overly saturated with competition – not all of which is always
as reputable and professional as you might like.  These guys are fully regulated by the
Claims Management Regulator, provide no obligation advice, and are a business that’s
been in the industry for over a decade.

The website contains great information, plus I also noticed that they sponsor the Brake
road accident charity so it’s good to see that they have a degree of social and
corporate responsibility going on.

To conclude, a definite 8 out of 10 marks for both website design, content, and
their approach to an industry that doesn’t always receive great press.  

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