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If you don't want to read this that's ok. 

After all you've got other things to do right?

But I want to ask you a question.

Is your legal practice experiencing steady, profitable and systematic growth?

Or are you worried about the future, the economy, and the competition?

I'm sure you give  a great service.

Something that more people really need.

But you might be making big mistakes in your sales and marketing.

Mistakes that are costing tens of thousands of pounds in lost profits. 

Most businesses don't systematically improve their marketing systems.

They don't testing, measure and improve every day.

In fact, I have yet to see one law firm that I couldn't improve within 7 minutes......

The question is,

"Are you going to be like most businesses?

Are you going to do nothing about it?" 

Because if you want to make improvements and breakthroughs fast you can.

Did you know that in just 100 days you can learn systems to;

  • Get More Clients Like Your Best Clients
  • Be Successful By Getting Everything Out Of All You've Got
  • Find Hidden Money You Didn't Know About

And sometimes it can take as little as 7 days to have a big impact......

"We have achieved much in one week.

Since you came to see us last week I have been invited to address two teams and we now have targets set for the first time. The ideas you are throwing at us are fantastic, liberating and they will definitely have an effect.”

Simon Roberts, Field Seymour Parkes.

Fundamentally all you have to do is be great at selling and marketing.

Life is simple once you master the basic skills;

  • You generate leads for your practice

  • You talk to those prospects

  • And then you convert them to PROFIT

If you don’t get leads, communicate well and convert them....

then you don’t have a business.

Do You Want More Leads, More Sales And More Profit?

Do You Want To Know?

Now let me ask you....

"What is the point in you wasting your valuable time trying to discover the answers to your marketing and selling problems when the solutions are right here in these pages!"

In Great Legal Marketing there are few secrets.

There’s evidence of successful marketing in many places.

In fact, I've found it in every business I've consulted with, from lawyers, internet companies, sports agencies and even marinas!

But most legal practices;

  • market sporadically, if at all
  • do not record successes and failures
  • do not measure returns on investment

And 97% of Practices ignore all the evidence.

They fail to;

  • model their activities on successful businesses 
  • identify growing markets and declining markets
  • create new markets for new products or existing products

Is this your marketing plan?

“spend as little as we can afford to waste (the marketing budget) copying everyone else, whilst expecting different and better results to everyone else”.

Legal Marketing is more a science than a creative endeavour. 

Which is great news for you.

There is a requirement to be creative at times...........but never let this creative element prevent you from becoming an expert in marketing.

Because creativity itself can be learnt quickly if you want to.

Marketing is everything;

  • about defining what markets you are in and would like to be in
  • creating the right message for those markets
  • selecting the right media for delivering that message

You must know right now there is no magic formula other than work to be successful.

But every single business problem you have can be
be resolved, one way or the other if you are on the right track.

Your Legal Practice can either;

Leave it to fate and see what happens (this doesn't often work!)


do what the clever people do, get
help and

... Get a health check on your situation...

... Fix the profit-leaks in the ways you sell

... Find out how others are bringing in leads &
converting them to clients...

... And set up an Action Plan to get
your business working like crazy.

And all you need to do is pick up one idea from what I will teach you, apply it, and reap the rewards.

Just one small thing from the hundreds coming your way.

"We can now do newsletters double-quick with relevant content that go out more regularly. This will increase our profits, retain clients and grow our referrals. What's more, it's a skill that sets our newsletter up to be viewed as valued guest rather than as unwelcome pest!" Kuljeet Kularia, Field Seymour Parkes.

Are times tough right now? It depends.

Because the future could be a lot tougher for you, making today seem like a walk in the park!

Future failures are the Legal Practices who are burying their head in the sand.

On the other hand... Great Legal Marketers are going to continue to
survive and thrive irrespective of the economic weather. That's because they have a systematic approach. One that they can use and adapt for any situation.

It is possible to fix your problems and if you want to know how to do it remember the old saying....

"Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's fully opened."

Wander around this website, printing off pages that might make you take action.

Above all be open-minded. And sign up to my newsletter as a minimum.

Or call me and take the "Boyd-will-find-hidden-money-in-7-minutes-challenge".

(Don't be shy;-)



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