Yellow Pages Mistakes Lawyers Make

"Is it worth advertising in Yellow Pages?" is a question I hear frequently.

My answer is always the same. "If you don’t measure the response then you should ask the question of everywhere you advertise. Not just Yellow Pages."

The easiest way to measure the response is to get a dedicated marketing phone number so that any calls you do get are logged against your
Yellow Pages advert. In addition, you’ll get call recording, which is great for sales training and any type of dispute or fact checking you want to do.

If you check your response to adverts you are already working smarter than 95% of law firms.

Now open the Yellow Pages where your advert is. See all the other adverts?

It’s the most competitive marketing “war zone” there is.

You are just one among the competition.

They are all spending their £500, £1000, £2000 advertising budget.

They are all after the same clients.

They all have look-alike adverts.

You try and pick out an advert on the page. (Don't use the page your ad is on!)

A look-alike advert means it is impossible to choose between them. The more choice there is of similar things then the less chance there is of someone actually making a decision.

You can’t blame the Yellow Pages designers for producing a replica advert because it’s your advert.

You can do what you want with it to get the response you want.

Here are the mistakes most commonly made by Lawyers with the Yellow Pages advert.

And please, PLEASE monitor the response to ALL the advertising and marketing you do. (Email me for help on how to do this

Your Headline Is Your Business Name or Logo

People don’t really know you when they are looking in the Yellow Pages. They are looking to find someone that can solve their problems. Spend most of your time coming up with this headline. Because if you don’t get the headline right the prospect won’t even see your advert amongst your competition.  Think of the headlines that newspapers use to get you to read them.

You Are Casting Your Net Too Wide

Your headline and your advert needs to be like a laser guided missile in attracting the type of clients you want and what they are looking for. The more tightly you focus your audience and message, the greater your response will be.

You Are Not Using Testimonials

Testimonials from independent users of your service add to your credibility. They overcomecynicism. You can also refer to awards, satisfied clients such as recognised companies and successes. Even your date of establishment is a testimonial to your longevity.

In A Warzone It’s Not Just Bullets You Need

Bullets are not emotional and people buy on emotion. A long list of bullet points will be repeated by several adverts but do not speak to the reader. You have to use copy that the prospect can read and agree with. You want to be getting lots of little nods and yes’s as the prospect reads.

Your Photo Is Irrelevant

Make sure your photographs are positive and support a positive outcome to your main headline

No Call To Action Leads To Well...........Nothing

If you don't tell them to act, they won't. Place a strong call to action near your phone number. Make it as inviting and irresistible as possible. "Call us for our Free consultation and receive this free leather laptop bag valued £33.57 as a Thank You for your time.”


You should make sure you have a company
USP that is answering the question as to why someone should pick you to represent them and solve their problems. If you don’t have one – get one.

And if you don’t know if it’s your website, Yellow Pages, local newspaper advert, client newsletter, direct mail or publicity that is getting you the calls then please start monitoring the responses to all of your marketing starting today.

Because you are probably making 50% of decisions on your marketing incorrectly.

Which means you are wasting 50% of your money.

And with just 10% of that wasted money you can really make a difference if you know what to do with it.

Send me  your scanned Yellow Pages advert today and I'll let you know what I think.
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