Hire me

Maybe you want me to do something for you?

Here's what my clients frequently demand;

General consulting for law firms

I offer to help you do what you want to do.

From £247- £2477 a month, depending on what it is.


For example, you might want me to do a marketing audit on your firm.

That's £977. And then you might engage me at £247 a month to
ensure you implement the changes you want to make.

Bespoke projects

Or you might want me to write a series of emails
that get your prospects to take action, (what is known as
a marketing sequence).

That's about £477 for ten emails
(enough for six months of automated marketing).

Other things

You might have an idea and want another opinion on
whether you should do it or how to go about doing it.

Call me, it costs nothing to have a quick chat.

My contact details are Boyd@GreatLegalMarketing.co.uk or 0795 128 4875

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