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 Have you ever bought anything from someone you thought was a complete idiot or unfriendly?

The answer is no.  Before anything else, you must be friendly to sell. And if you are not friendly then get friendly.

This is the roadmap to making the sale.

Become friendly before you start - or don't start at all

Find common ground before you sell

Ask intelligent questions that draw out needs and motives

Relax throughout the conversation

Ask for a date of beginning, or a commitment to move forward after all risks have been removed

Create an atmosphere where the other guy wants to buy

Find your own way to use these rules

You know how to be friendly. And finding common ground is pretty easy too. (Remember Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money are the main things you may have in common and you should find out.)

So it's intelligent questions where you might need initial help.

The most important question is usually the first. It means you find out if you are talking to the right person. All your other efforts will be wasted if you are not talking to the right person.

The number of sales you make are in direct correlation to the number of decision makers you present to. Decision makers make the budget. To ensure you get to the decision maker you may need to ask these questions. 

 "Is there anyone else you work with that you bounce decisions like this off?" 

 "How will the decision be made for you to work with us? And then, And then?"

You should then know that you are talking ot the decision maker or not, and what your next steps will be.


There are a number of power lead in questions you can use to draw out needs and motives of someone buying from you.

How would our advice help your business?

In your opinion what's the most important thing to you in engaging a lawyer?

What's been your experience of other advice you have received?

What do you want the end result to be when working with us?

What do you know about your present legal situation? 

What do you like about working with us?

You will then move towards the closing statements to close the deal.

To understand and improve conversions you need to know what are the reasons that people say no and have the answers to these objections.

The best way to counter objections is to prepare for them and have the answers.

(You can even raise them in advance of the prospect).

Likewise you need to know the reasons that someone says yes. Use these positively by raising these reasons during the selling process.

Do you have the objections and positives written down with the answers ready at your fingertips?

What are your most common objections? Let me know and maybe we can come up with the answer together?

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