How To Create A Marketing Video For Your Law Firm In Five Minutes

How to create scripts for videos that sell legal services.

The most successful Videos that sell are generally  2-3 minutes long.

They should be direct response videos - meaning they are designed to get a specific action from the viewer.

The video should be divided up into 3 acts. (Remember 3 is a magic number).

Each act has 3 sub actions.

Act One

is aimed at getting the prospects attention  by pressing on the two buttons of pain and pleasure. Call out the problem that they are having that we are going to solve e.g.

Step 1 – “you’re not protecting your family if you die”

That’s the pain

Step 2  - introduce the solution “well I have good news for you a Will will protect your family”

i.e. take away the pain and give them solution

People buy solutions . You have to give them the solutions . Your service sorts out their problems.

Step 3 – introduce the example – showing the product or service in action and demonstrating results in advance i.e. testimonials, authority expert or someone that has got peace of mind.

Or you can show them a demonstration.

Act Two

Education is what this Act is about. This is your chance to educate the customer. Where the customer crosses the implicit decision trigger. Where they decide that something is good for them. Part of this is that you have to say to them convincingly,

“I have this solution”

Step 1 – applying the solution to their problem – show it in action so that you can create an ownership experience . You show what is it like to have the service done for you.

Step 2 - you describe pleasing pictures in your prospect's mind so that they say mentally

“I can see myself with this.”

Step 3 -  you have to educate about them why it will really work. Take the features and tie it in to the ownership experience.

The customer is now sitting there listening and watching and they need to have to be able to tell someone else why they are the buying. This is the “Look Honey, test.”

It’s the logical justification of the emotional purchase.

Act Three

Step 1 - This is where you show the answer to the question, “What is the result?”

We talk about outcomes by juxtaposing the outcomes with proof. Get it on video. Show it in natural habitat.

Step 2 – What is the benefit?

You have to sum up what the experience is for the viewer. If you do this like other people you are going to get this result  - so just do it.

Step 3 - This is the close. Tell people what to do – click here, email now, phone now, download the report. Sell it.

So here’s an example of a script you can build a video around.

Act One

1           If you die without a Will, your family still gets the money right? WRONG

2           I’ve got good news for you though. Because getting a Will is easily arranged.

3           Just listen to what Boyd Butler said about our E-Z Will sessions (testimonial)

Act Two

1           When your family know that if something happens to you they are taken care of it’s a major relief.

2           Getting your Will arranged means another key piece of the jigsaw of life is sorted. After all, you are the head of the family and you’re the one that is in control right?

3           The E-Z Will solution we provide you with means that your Will is guaranteed to track the changes to your life and family because you can add a child to your Will free of charge. You’ll have enough to spend money on when the little ones come along! Just 20 minutes will be all it takes!

Act Three

1                     All you have to do to get everything sorted out is call us today just like 417 other clients who have done this in the last 27 weeks and now sleep more easily.

2                     There’s a special number for our E-Z Wills – it’s 0844 502 1631

3                     Do it today, because it’s another thing that you can tick off that list of must do things.

The great benefits of this format is that you only have to think of nine things to say and you have a powerful video.

Have you seen a great legal video? Let me know and I'll share it with your colleagues

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