Testimonials For Lawyers

Lawyers - you must get testimonials to sell effectively.

Because what others say independently about you is 100 times more powerful than what you say. It's a great way of cutting through the cynicism that most people feel in modern life. They help put people into the buying frame of mind, rather than feeling they are being sold to.

That’s why you must get great testimonials.

What is a testimonial?

It is one of your clients saying how much they have profited from being with you and how you have solved their problem.

It’s the pictures, words or sounds that prove your value.

The root word Testimony comes from the Latin, Testis (titter ye not!) and the meaning of testimonial is loosely, "the independent reminder".

So why do you need them?

If you have to go into battle, you want to make sure you’re well equipped.
Testimonials are a great weapon. They are provided free from your army of satisfied, willing, independent clients. It’s like having unpaid sales people working for you.

 Types of testimonials Lawyers need.

There are two types of testimonials you want.

One says that you are a great person to do business with. This is the “good guy” testimonial. You need these because people like to do business with good guys.

The second good type is the “Proof of the Pudding” testimonial. “We got into our dream home in just 34 days thanks to XYZ Lawyers” or “We got £1 million in compensation because we used XYZ”

Use both if possible, but “Proof of the Pudding” testimonials are essential.

How to use them.

Whatever objection you are getting - you can answer it with a testimonial.

You are too expensive. "We have 27 clients that say we are worth every penny. If the other lawyers can provide 27 video testimonials guaranteeing their value then I'll happily compete with them"

If they are “satisfied with the present Lawyer” you’ve got a client who used to say the same but now uses you because they didn't realise you had invaluable expertise and experience. Use that testimonial.

Can’t get a meeting with a prospect? Send an audio message on CD. 
This could be from one of your existing clients who can back up your expertise.
“I was too busy to give this guy an appointment for 12 whole months. It was a massive mistake. In 6 days he has made a huge difference.”

This puts doubt into the mind of the prospect who won't take the calls. He's thinking, "maybe I should speak with this Lawyer after all". That's what you need to get that appointment.

Imagine the techniques a lawyer would use to prove his case in court – do the same with testimonials

Make it easy for people to give you testimonials.

Make sure you are great for a start! Ensure that people like and trust you.

Write a letter or call asking for a testimonial when your client thinks the best about you – maybe just after you’ve done a great job for him. In the letter highlight the things you want comments on.  Remember most people don't like to think, so it's ok to put the words in their mouth or give them bullet points of what you are looking for. (Never, ever make them up though!)

And you can even ask for a testimonial before you work for someone or sometimes if you refuse to work for someone!

"Most people give us a testimonial when we work with them, will that be ok with you when we complete your transaction?" This gets all the awkwardness out of the way. And if you decline to take on a case, for example personal injury, then your advice may well lead to a testimonial about your "good ethical practice".

Make sure you give a small gift of appreciation. It could be a simple hand written thank you card. It could be an Amazon voucher, or book or bottle of wine.

The different types.

Most people get letter testimonials. Make sure you keep the originals safe. And use the whole photocopied letter as it has more impact and looks real.

What about photos of happy clients outside their new house or property?

You can get a video testimonial which is by far the most powerful, (remember 59% of internet use is watching video and seeing and hearing is believing). It's simple to use a Flip video camera and just upload it to your website, email it or stick it on You Tube for free.

Audio is another type of testimonial and is very easy to do. A digital recorder with an inbuilt USB stick means you can upload the audio in seconds with no fuss.

What about other proof that are testimonials? Year established, number of clients, video demonstrations, 0800 information lines – all prove your value and expertise.  They are testimonials to the truth.

Over the next month can you get two video testimonials for every objection that your Legal Practice encounters on a regular basis and one written testimonial?

Can you get “Proof of the Pudding” types?

Include these testimonials on your website, emails, letters, phone on hold message and advertising. Discover other places you can use them.

One way that you can use testimonials is to pre-sell to your prospective clients. Get all your written testimonials together. Make sure you have at least 20. Don’t cut and paste the words. Photocopy the originals.

When you get
an inquiry include all 20, 30 or 50 testimonials in a box you send to your prospect. The client might not read every one – BUT the overwhelming proof will pre-sell your next client on you fast.

Six Big Myths About Testimonials

If you aren't using video testimonials on every page of your website

I'd like to know which of these myths you subscribe to;

Six Big Myths About Testimonials

1. "They can't be all that effective or everyone would be using them"

2. "I shouldn't have to ask my customers for testimonials"

3. "Asking for testimonials will make me look like I'm fishing for compliments"


4. "People often don't make good on their promise because they don't really want to write that testimonial"

5. "Testimonials are just too much work"


6. "People are wary of taking the word of a stranger"


If you'd like to read why these are all myths take a look at this transcript

from a call I did to the US this week;


Transcript is here;





 Can Lawyers Get As Many Testimonials As This?

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